Inline Inkjet Coding systems for Production Line Coding

Evolution XT printing bottles on conveyor

The Evolution inkjet printing range is a series of modular inkjet printers capable of marking a wide variety of materials in a range of different font sizes. The Evolution-XT with non-porous fast-dry inks is the system best suited to printing small products passing on a conveyor, or installed on various production line machinery.


  • Low Equipment Cost
  • Cartridge-based for low-cost, low-maintenance (no make-up solution or flushing required)
  • Compact, lightweight design for easy installation and integration
  • Printheads networkable to central controller
  • Modular system, extra printheads can be "added-on", saving cost.
  • Capable of printing multiple lines in various fonts

A unique feature of this printer is it's ability to "add-on". Each print-head has it's own on-board processor and memory. A hand-controller is needed to program the head, but once programmed and set to "print" - you can simply disconnect the hand-controller and use it to program a completely different head somewhere else. This means owning multiple printers becomes even lower cost than the first printer - since you need only to purchase an "add-on" head and possibly some bracketry.

The XT unit comes complete with an external sensor, protruding nozzles to minimise printing distance and an angled bracket to easily match the angles of the product or to achieve top-down printing.

The HP1 unit can print 1-2 lines using 3 different fonts whereas the HP2 can print 1-4 lines using 4 different fonts. The unit is capable of marking around the circumference of the product, although the diameter will dictate how many characters will fit. The HP1 must be upgraded with optional software packs to enable extra functions like message storage serial-numbering, time-stamps or auto-date-coding whereas the HP2 comes with all software options activated.

Ink pricing depends on what type of ink is desired, from porous (absorptive) ink to non-porous (evaporative) ink. The units can easily be fitted with custom bracketry, which makes it easy to accomplish various tasks, from printing on bags from a form-fill-seal machine or printing on egg-cartons using multiple printheads. One cartridge is capable of printing 310,000 characters in a 12.7mm font (large) 1.5million characters in a 5.5mm (medium) and 3.2mm (small) font.



Evolution HP1 Inline Inkjet Coder
  • Prints 1 or 2 lines of text in 2 different font sizes (additional optional fonts available)
  • 24 Characters per line (optionally to 48 characters)
  • Basic Functions, type message and press "enter"
  • Upgrade to more functions via Software Upgrade card

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Evolution HP2 inline Inkjet Coder
  • Prints 1, 2, 3 or 4 lines of text in 4 different font sizes (additional optional fonts available)
  • 48 Characters per line
  • All functions available - message storage, auto date/time, serial numbering etc.

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